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C/Ch/C++ User's Group

C/Ch/C++ Interpreter

Download C/C++ Compilers for Windows and Mac OS X

The user-friendly ChIDE in Ch in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X can be used to conveniently edit/compile/link C/C++ programs to create binary executables. ChIDE invoke C/C++ compilers to compile and link C/C++ programs. By default, a Linux machine is typically installed with C compiler gcc and C++ compiler g++. You can download C/C++ compilers for Windows and Mac OS X from the internet.

Connecting to Remote Linux Systems

Saving an Interactive Session as Output in Linux

C Standard

A Sample Course (in a quarter system) Using This Textbook

Handling Images and Animations

Download GIMP to handle images and grab Windows for submitting homework.

Take a Screenshot

Text Editor VI

The vi text editor is good for C/C++ programmers to quickly editing C/C++ programs . The vi editor is available in Unix and Mac by default. Ch in Windows contains the vi editor. Therefore, you can conveniently edit C/Ch/C++ program using vi across different platforms, especially for remotely editing C/Ch/C++ programs.