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Awards Financed by the MESA Committee and Administrated by the Honors and Awards Subcommittee

MESA Achievement Award

This MESA Committee shall be responsible for conducting a ballot to select a recipient for the MESA Achievement Award. The selection of an individual to receive this award will be made on the following basis. The Award is given for a cumulative contribution to the field of Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications. The Award is to be made once a year. An individual may receive the Award only one time. Members of the MESA Executive Committee cannot be nominated to receive the Award while they are members of the MESA Executive Committee.

The Award shall consist of a suitably engrossed certificate laminated in wood and an honorarium. The mechanics for identifying, selecting and nominating the recipient is as follows.

  1. The Chair of the Honors and Awards Subcommittee shall poll the MESA Committee members for recommendations of tentative possible recipients of the Award.
  2. The list obtained from this poll shall be circulated to the members of the MESA Executive Committee requesting that each of them designate their first, second and third choices; returning said choices to the Honors and Awards Chair.
  3. The total vote will be tallied by giving three points for a first choice, two points for a second choice, and one point for a third choice.
  4. The individual receiving the highest tally shall be the recipient of the Award. In the event of a tie, the Honors and Awards Chair shall request another vote from the members to break the tie. In the event of a tie in the second round, the MESA Committee Chair shall cast a tie-breaking vote.
MESA Achievement Award nomination form in Word file
MESA Achievement Award nomination form in PDF file

MESA Achievement Award Recipients

Best Paper Awards

The following categories of the best papers will be awarded at the MESA conference.
  1. Best Paper in Theory: Contribution to the theoretical development in mechatronic and embedded systems.
  2. Best Paper in Computational Methods and Software: Contribution to algorithms, data structures, system architectures, software development for mechatronic and embedded systems.
  3. Best Paper in Applications: Contribution to solving an important practical problem in mechatronic and embedded systems.
  4. Best Student Paper: Depending on the number of student papers submitted, up to three best student papers will be awarded.

    To be qualified for the best student paper award, the first author must be a student or post-doctor. The author must indicate that the paper is submitted for consideration of the best student paper award in author's comments when the paper is submitted on-line.

Reviewers will be asked to recommend papers of the highest quality for the best paper awards. Based on the reviewers' recommendation, review coordinators, symposium chairs, and program co-chairs make the recommendation to the Program Chair. The Program chair will make the recommendation of a list of candidates of best papers, with two candidates at least for each category. The Honors and Awards Subcommittee will make the final selection based on the recommendation from the Program Chair. A member of the Honors and Awards Subcommittee cannot be an author of the best papers or best student papers.

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