Ch Create Package

The iRobot Create provides a 25 DB connection to the on-board Atmel microcontroller. The 25 DB connector provides direct access to the battery power, 5V power, some on-board microcontroller IO, and serial port communication to the on-board microcontroller. Due to the limitations of resources on the on-board controller, additional computation is added and connected to the available 25 pin port interface. The Create is controlled using a Gumstix tinycomputer and an accompanying Robostix module. The Ch Create package is an open source middleware to control the iRobot Create mobile robot platform under the robot programming environment Ch through the serial port connection. The middleware provides C level programming abstractions to the iRobot Create open interface specifications .

The iRobot Create with attached Gumstix operating
in the Integration Engineering Laboratory

System Requirements

Ch Standard or Professional Edition version or higher. Ch is available for download from SoftIntegration.